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A Family Guide to Helping Others


The definition of a strong family bond differs from family to family. While there is no right or wrong meaning, spending quality time together is one of the main ways to strengthen the familial unit. As a family of faith, you have one more obligation. Service to others is part of the contract between you and God, and what better way to strengthen your family, and community, than to serve God through community service?

Service with a Smile

The example of quality service was set by Jesus, as a way to connect to those around us. When we think of helping others, we may have the mistaken idea that it has to be a huge deal, with a great time commitment; it doesn’t. Helping someone might be as simple as giving them a ride somewhere, buying them some milk while you are at the store, or rolling their trash cans to the curb. Family members of all ages can help others and will feel joy for having done it. Service to others is an act of love which brings us closer to God.

Share You

Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. Many times, family members will complement each other in that manner, using their own strength where the other is weak. The same goes for service- find an area in which your family is strong and provide that to others. It might be baking cookies for a fundraiser, or organizing a group to clean up the local park. Someone in your community needs your strengths right now.

We Will Eventually Need Help Too

When life throws you a curve, and it will, remember to allow others to help you. Just as you have come to enjoy being of service to others, others wish to be of service to you too. Let your spouse, children, neighbors and community aid you in your time of need. It will bring you closer together, as well as closer to God.

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