What is the Association of Parents and Teachers (APT)?
Our Mission

To actively serve the needs of CornerStone Christian Academy and Tykes Preschool to achieve academic excellence in a Christian environment through fellowship and fundraising.

The Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) designs and implements fundraisers that are designed to meet the current needs of the Academy. Working together, the APT provides a great opportunity for dedicated parents and teachers to get involved in the school community and share their time and talents while enriching the educational environment and promoting fellowship.This is your organization!

CCA Families, the Association of Parents and Teachers is your organization. You are a vital part of all we do and we cannot do it without you. We NEED your help! Whether it’s volunteering in the “3 From Me” program, attending our events, sponsoring our fundraising activities, or participating in our meetings, every parent, grandparent, or family member is welcome and encouraged to show support.
Why an APT?Fundraising is the primary function of the APT. While it may not be our favorite responsibility, it is a necessary one in order to provide funding to enhance and enrich the spiritual and learning environment for our students.

So far, the money we’ve raised has purchased:

Who can be a member?

As a parent of a child here at CornerStone, you are already considered to be a member of our APT family. Being a member of the APT does not mean you automatically sign up to volunteer, it just means you support our group and believe in what we’re doing. As parents, grandparents, and family members of the children of CCA, you are a vital part of our APT community. We realize how important your children are to you and that you want the best for them.  Do you want to make a difference in your school, home and community?  Do you wish you could have more say and involvement in your children’s school?  Being a member of CCA’s APT can help you achieve that!  We all know children learn more and have better lives when parents, school staff, students, and the community work together.

APT Goals: