CornerStone Christian Tykes believes in the development of the whole child. Our goal is to prepare each child academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually through a hands-on and interactive learning environment. Our emerging curriculum is designed to create a “love for learning” in each child while preparing him/her for the CornerStone Christian Academy Elementary school. We achieve these goals by surpassing typical standards in ECE. We set the bar high and strive to meet every standard of excellence.

Tykes provides an intentionally loving and nurturing Christian atmosphere and the introduction of basic Bible principles. Our teachers all have a background in early childhood education, and are current with all State of Nevada Child Care Licensing requirements.

What makes Tykes different from other schools? Few preschool programs in Nevada have received NAEYC accreditation. The National Association for the Education of Young Children promotes excellence and stringently awards accreditation to only the most high quality schools that are able to meet and exceed strict criteria set to insure the growth, exploration and success of young learners. Decades of research have shown that nearly 90% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life. A high quality early childhood education program can not only optimize those years, but can also predict school success down the road.

In addition to our NAEYC accreditation, we also have been rated by Nevada’s QRIS program. QRIS assessors have ranked us among the TOP 1% of all licensed ECE programs in the entire state! We are the only non-profit, private Christian school in all of Clark County that holds this ranking. CornerStone Tykes is rated within the Top 3 schools in Southern Nevada. Our rating is a testament to the quality and commitment of our incredible staff and the values of our program.

QRIS uses a rigorous criteria and comprehensive evaluation process to determine program quality. This includes an in-depth assessment to determine if we are using best practices in adult-child interaction, encouraging parents to play an active role, and the level of training, accreditation, and support provided to our staff.

Our teacher to child ratio and group sizes are smaller than the State of Nevada requires. With at least two teachers in every classroom, we are able to foster closer relationships with the students. More individual attention promotes collaboration, whether it’s through small groups or individual learning sessions which caters to differentiated instruction.

Discipline is based on positive guidance, which teaches children conflict resolution skills and the ‘love and logic’ approach of natural consequences.

At CornerStone, our philosophy of teaching the whole child is often experienced beyond the walls of our school. Field trips, special guests, community outreach and enrichment programs engage our students creating an awareness of the world around them. It is our hope that through standards of excellence and spiritual exposure, our students will develop into fully capable, productive and creative citizens.

CornerStone is family. We believe in an open interactive dialogue with the families we serve. Through daily and weekly communication, we aim to involve parents in the academic journey of their children. We provide fellowship,  family events, volunteer opportunities and school performances to create a family-based culture. Our goal is to provide a campus where our parents, teachers and administrators partner together to ensure the success of each student we serve.

We are proud of the community we’ve built and we know you will love it too!  Please call 702-939-5050 opt. #6  today to book a personal tour, or send an email to Mrs. Amy Benson at