CornerStone Christian Tykes Preschool is focused on the development of the whole child.Our goal is to prepare each child academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually through a hands-on and interactive learning program. Our preschool curriculum is designed to create a “love for learning” in each child while preparing him/her for the CornerStone Christian Academy elementary program. We achieve these goals by surpassing typical standards in preschool education. We set the bar high and strive to meet every standard of excellence.

At Tykes, each day is an adventure that begins with an intentionally loving and nurturing Christian atmosphere and the introduction of basic Bible principles, since it is our intention that every academic adventure should take place in an intentionally loving and caring Christian atmosphere. Our teachers all have credentials in Early Childhood Education, and are current with all requirements for State Child Care Licensing specifications.

What makes our preschool different from the others? Very few preschool programs in Nevada have received NAEYC accreditation. The National Association for the Education of Young Children promotes excellence in early childhood education and stringently awards accreditation to only the most high quality programs that are able to meet and exceed a number of criteria set to insure the growth, exploration, and success of young children. Decades of research have shown that nearly 80% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life, and that a high quality preschool education not only can optimize those years, but can also predict school success down the road.

In addition to superb, dedicated teachers, the school also has an onsite, full-time nurse, speech pathologist, and SNHD “A” rated high tech cafeteria with a wonderful chef who prepares fresh and healthy food for the children each day.

Our teacher to child ratio is extremely low. With two full-time teachers in every preschool classroom, our teachers are able to foster closer relationships with students that. More individual attention allows for more collaborative learning, whether it’s through small group breakouts or individual learning sessions.

Discipline is based on positive guidance, which teaches children conflict resolution skills and the ‘love and logic’ approach of natural consequences.

We believe in a 360 degree approach to learning, and education often occurs beyond the walls of our school. Special field trips, speakers, community projects, and programs challenge our students to become aware of the world around them from an early age. It is our hope that through academic excellence, spiritual awareness, and societal exposure, our students will develop into fully aware, responsible, creative citizens.

Our school is a family. We believe in open and iterative dialogue with our parents. Through daily and weekly communication, we aim to involve parents in the academic journey of their children. Through special events, volunteer opportunities, and school performances, we aim to create an environment where our parents know not only one another, but also our teachers and administrators. Parents can also take on leadership responsibilities by serving on our Academy Parents & Teachers APT committee.

We are proud of the community we’ve built and we and are sure you will love it too!  Please call today to book a personal tour.