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Here’s How You Can Send Your Child to Private School for Free

ESA free private school tuition
The only thing better than a quality education from one of the top Las Vegas private schools is learning that you may not have to pay for your children to attend classes. With the approval of Assembly Bill 165 and Senate Bill 302, you may be able to provide your children with a superior education at the CornerStone Christian Academy for free. Learn more about these important bills and find out how the CornerStone Christian Academy can significantly change your children’s lives, without breaking the bank.

What are Assembly Bill 165 and Senate Bill 302?

Assembly Bill 165 (AB 165), also known as the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program, helps students get money from private donors or businesses to attend private schools. It’s important to note that this bill no longer requires students in the state of Nevada to attend public schools to qualify for this money.

Senate Bill 302 (SB 302), known by many as Nevada’s Education Savings Account Program, aims to offer assistance to parents looking to send their children to a private school or academy. Parents can apply for an Education Savings Account, which can be used to send children to participating private and online schools.

How do these bills help my children?

Simply put, these bills will help send your children to a first-rate Christian academy at a significantly discounted, or even free rate. Both of these bills offer assistance to parents hoping to send their children to a private academy, offering funds from two separate entities. While AB 165 provides money to students from non-profits or Scholarship Granting Organizations, SB 302 offers funds from the state of Nevada by taking a percentage of the average price per pupil.

The benefits of a quality Christian education

With Nevada public schools consistently ranking among worst in the nation, a quality education at a private Christian academy can set your children up for a bright and successful future. Instilling the values of hard work, determination and faith, an education from a Christian private academy provides more than academic excellence; it provides children with a strong  sense of community. The lessons your children will learn at a Christian school will not only impact and shape their lives, but also the people around them.

When it comes to education, your children deserve nothing but the best. Start their journey towards adulthood on the best possible path. By securing funds through the use of AB 165 and SB 302, you can send your children to one of the top Christian academies in the state for next to nothing.

For more information on sending your kids to one of the best Christian schools in Las Vegas, CornerStone Christian Academy & Tykes is here to help! Give us a call at (702) 939-5050 to schedule a tour.