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CornerStone Performing Arts Academy offers weekly extra curricular programs for students PK-8th grade right here on campus! These classes are taught by qualified instructors who enjoy cultivating the talents and skills of their students. CPAA classes build self-confidence, enhance listening skills, improve motor skills and nurture an understanding of the arts while creating a safe and fun environment where your child will thrive.

Foster a love of movement in your child with these fun and energetic classes.  Register for classes by clicking this link:



BALLET OR JAZZ (Preschool-4th)

Combining dance technique with the art of expression students develop dance skills through traditional ballet exercises.


Focus is on coordination and rhythm introduced in creative andimaginative ways, allowing your child to learn beginning dance skills while staying entertained.


Using props such as hula hoops, bean bags, dress-up, wands and rhythm instruments, children will focus on large motor skills while learning ballet basics. his weekly course will help your child build vocal strength, range, listening skills and stage etiquette.


2.5 hour performance-based class designed to introduce our students to the world of Musical Theater. Students must try out for this class and will be required to attend additional training during performance times.

Show Choir (5th-12th)

Does your child enjoy singing, dancing, and having fun on stage? This class is designed to incorporate all of these. Students will be expected to participate in various performances throughout the year, locally as well as out of state.

DRAMA (1st-8th)

Each of these classes offered give students a chance to exercise their natural creativity through movement and vocal work. Students will work closely with their classmates with a focus on acting and character development while gaining confidence and stage presence.