Unlocking the Key to Kindness


Both as adults and children, the lesson of kindness can be a difficult one to master, albeit an important one. Treating others with kindness is right up there, with regards to importance, with practicing/remembering the importance of honesty and appreciating yourself. Although the nurturing environment provided by private schools is a step in the right direction (one that you may be able to take advantage of for free), as parents it is our responsibility to guide our children through the inevitable bumps of childhood–not only by teaching them to react with kindness, but by acting kindly towards ourselves and others.

Whether it’s teaching tolerance toward a bully or showing generosity toward those less fortunate, as faithful parents, we must teach our children that each act of kindness serves as a living reflection of God’s love to others. (Paul 2:4)

Fortunately, there are simple play activities that you can act out with your child to teach them to respond to difficult situations with love and forgiveness, especially when they have been hurt or offended.

For Your Pre-K Child

Remember, that as a part of the fruit of holy spirit, kindness must also be accompanied by goodness. (Galatians 5:22-23) This exercise is a wonderful way to help your child “clothe” him or herself in kindness by choosing to be kind to others.
(Colossians 3:12)

First, tell your children that the family is throwing a party, and that they get to choose their outfits for the festivities. Give them different dress-up options for fun but be sure to lay out enough hats for each child attending the party. As the children ‘get ready,’ encourage them to choose a special hat in order to get a special job at the party.

After everyone is ready, set the table with snacks and have your child ask everyone to join you both. Once they are all seated, ask each child wearing a hat to do something kind– like serve a snack to another child before serving themselves or pass out napkins to everyone.

Afterward, explain to your children that we must “put on” kindness every morning. Show them that kindness is something we choose by reminding them that they chose to put on a special hat for the party and each child wearing a hat acted kindly toward everyone–even the children not wearing hats. Use this moment as an opportunity to talk about the ways each person showed kindness at the party and how we can choose kindness in our daily lives.

For Your Elementary School Child

Supplies: For this activity, you’ll need a coin, white paper and several crayons in bright colors, as well as one black crayon.

Using the paper and the black crayon, draw an outline of a person on the paper. Together with your child, color the outline in using the bright colors. As you work together, use this moment to explain how God designed us to show His love and kindness to those around us. Remind your child that our actions reflect His goodness to others.

Next, give your child the black crayon and have him or her add black splotches over the bright colors. As he or she does this, explain to your child that when we don’t treat others with kindness, our lives stop reflecting the love and goodness of God. As your child finishes, discuss different situations in which people may act unkind toward others.

Use the coin to lightly scratch away the black patches. As you do this, explain to your child that when we show kindness to others, the kindness of God begins to shine through again. Teach them that kindness not only blesses others through our actions, but also helps people see the ultimate Creator of that kindness.

Although instilling kindness and goodness is not a one time lesson or exercise, these activities can help you start an early dialogue with your children about practicing kindness and compassion.

By teaching them to treat others with kindness, you are also helping them reflect the image of God in their actions. Many of our programs highlight compassion, empathy, and kindness through familial and community engagement. For more on how to apply and receive financial aid for private school, we encourage you to contact Corner Stone Christian Academy & Tykes at (702) 939-5050.

Three Fun DIY Projects to Try This Weekend


Las Vegas is an amazing place to raise a child, especially since you can now send your child to private school for free. However, during those Saturdays and Sundays that school isn’t in session, you can bring the whole family together with these three Christian related DIY projects that will make your children smile and help bring them closer to God. We’ve covered other bible-related arts and crafts and Christmas-specific crafts, and are excited to bring you even more ways to get some creative family time in.

Homeless Blessing Bags

Take the family down to the dollar store and pick up items such as socks, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, snacks, small bottled waters, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant, and other essentials that less fortunate people would be grateful to receive. You can then make ‘blessing bags’ (we suggest gallon size Ziploc storage bags to hold the items) together to keep in your car, and (under supervision) have your children bring them to the needy. They will never forget how much joy it will bring them to give to others generously, and you will never forget how proud having a kind and selfless child will make you.

Prayer Sticks

This is one of the best Christian projects that helps teach your kids how to pray and give thanks in a number of different ways. All you need is a jar, popsicle sticks, and a sharpie. Write down different methods of prayer that your family enjoys such as ‘read today’s gospel’ and ‘write in my prayer journal’ and whenever you need inspiration for how to give thanks on any particular day, you will have a jar full of ideas made with love.

Verse of the Week Board

For this craft, you’ll need a board and a clothespin for each member of the household, a hot glue gun, and as many colors and types of paint/glitter/buttons/feathers your heart desires! Have your little ones decorate the boards however they like, so long as they write ‘verse of the week’ somewhere on it. You can then glue the clothespins where appropriate and put a new verse on each child’s board every week (which can be hung in their rooms) for their own personal reflection and prayer whenever they see it.

You can discover even more fun family Biblical activities here! To learn more about Private Christian schools, private school in Las Vegas, or to schedule a tour of our school, contact us at 702-939-5050.