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The Power of the Road Trip


You do the best you can for your family. You do everything possible to ensure they’re safe, fed properly, and receive the best possible private-school education (which you can possibly do for free). But in today’s busy world, we sometimes let life get in the way of the simple things – like spending time together and truly being a part of each other’s lives. One of the most adventurous ways to come together as a family is to take a road trip together. The occasional road trip can really go a long way with helping you bond with your children.

Below are a few tips to help you design your own experience to bring your family closer together.

Limit Personal Device Time

If everyone is too busy with Facebook, Twitter or texting, it sort of defeats the purpose of taking that trip together. However, calling for their total elimination might cause a mutiny, so maybe the next best step is to ban them for a short period of time so you all have no choice but to talk with one another. Another little tip is to play an audio book that the majority agrees on for those long stretches. You can use that book later as a topic of conversation.

Don’t Plan Every Detail

In other words, go with the flow. Take an unscheduled detour to visit that ghost town or anything else that looks interesting. And don’t feel the need to rush back into the car after making a pit stop. Take a walk. Enjoy the scenery if possible.

It’s Never about the Destination

The key thing to keep in mind when taking a road trip is that the destination is the least important part of the whole trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling across the country or just across town to visit a museum or a cool new restaurant, the whole point of taking a road trip is to spend quality time with those closet to you.

Lastly, don’t be a slave-driver and force everyone to stick to a schedule. Often the most memorable parts of any road trip is not the destination but the little things that occur along the journey.

At CornerStone Christian Academy & Tykes we understand the importance of parents taking an active role in their children’s lives and make every effort for families to spend that necessary time together. For more information about our parent/child programs, or to learn about sending your child to private school in Las Vegas please call us at (702) 939-5050.