Christian Christmas Crafts

The holidays are finally here, which makes it a great time to gather and share ideas for recipes, trivia, and homemade decorations. We’ve compiled a list of fun ways to teach your children about the birth of Jesus and create lasting memories of this special season that you’ll cherish forever.

Christ-centered Christmas crafts.

A Brief History of the Christmas Tree

Early stories say that when Jesus Christ was born, trees throughout the world shook off the ice and snow that covered them and started to grow new green shoots. As far back as the Renaissance, there are records of trees being used as a symbol associated with Christmas. There were even plays that depicted the nativity scene linking the story of creation to the feast day of Adam and Eve. In these plays a “paradise tree” with fruit hanging from it usually represented the Garden of Eden. After these dramas were banned in the 16th century, many families started putting up paradise trees in their homes for the Christmas season, decorating them with fruit and candles.

By the end of the 19th century, the popularity of this Christmas tree tradition had spread from Europe to the United States. Decorations of fruit, candles, gingerbread and sweets evolved into to homemade crafts, small gifts and strings of lights. While it’s tempting to buy ornaments, why not make this a family affair and use this opportunity to provide a fun Christian education lesson?

Christian Crafts for the Holidays

Tale of the Three Wise Men

You can extend your nativity scene from your mantle to the tree, starting with the three wise men! This cute Christmas craft is easy to do and doesn’t require many supplies. Just add some string and hang it in the tree when you’re done. Visit Red Ted Art for more creative ideas.

Three Wise Men Craft for Children
The Three Wise Men. Photo courtesy of Red Ted Art.

The Many Names of Jesus

For a really quick and simple craft, you can make an advent chain with a name or message on each link. You can write the many different names that Jesus has been attributed, or Bible references like Maureen Spell did in her blog, Spell Outloud. You can have your children help you write, or you can download the Names of Jesus Advent Chain.

Christian Craft Advent Chain
Advent Chain. Photo courtesy of Maureen Spell.

Christmas is About Family

Many of us look forward to the holiday season because it’s a holiday that’s all about spending time with family. Cooking, eating, playing, decorating, and praying together are wonderful ways to bond with our loved ones and reflect on the meaning of the holiday. Start spreading the holiday cheer by making your own decorations that add a personal touch to your tree and make special and inexpensive gifts for grandparents or other family members and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cornerstone Christian Academy.