Creating Christmas Traditions That Will Bring Your Family Closer to God

With so much going on at Christmastime, it’s easy to lose track of what this special season is all about. Not only will focusing on celebrating the birth of Jesus as a family create precious, lasting memories with your children – it will also bring your family closer together and closer to God. With Christmas around the corner, here are some of the ways you can make your holiday more joyful, less stressful, and all about the real reason for the season.

Traditions that keep Christ in Christmas

Share a meal with the homeless

Teaching your children to serve God through community service is a wonderful activity to do year-round, but becomes extra special around the holidays. Sign up to volunteer at a homeless shelter in your community. When you do this as a family, your children will learn the importance of giving to those who are less fortunate, and it will encourage them to appreciate the blessing of having a home and a family. You can also have your children help you create some homemade, simple cards to hand out to all the homeless guests who come to eat.

Bible passage about helping the homeless.

Donate toys

Poor families struggling to make ends meet often lack the extra money to buy new toys for their children. Giving new and gently used toys to children in need will teach your children the importance of charity while helping create wonderful memories for families who are less fortunate. To get your little one involved, you can either make a budget and go shopping together or sit down with your child and let him/her decide which toys they’d like to donate. Creating a budget will also help with developing math skills!

Attend a Christmas Eve Service

On Christmas Eve, Cornerstone Church offers a family-friendly service. Even young children will be delighted by the candles, stories, and music. Your family will make memories that you’ll cherish forever, and your children will learn more about the birth of Christ as they listen to beautiful Christmas stories.

Visit a live nativity scene

Rather than being made up of wood and plastic, a live nativity scene has real people and animals instead of figurines. Actors narrate and reenact the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, such as the visit of the shepherds and the wise men. Visiting such a scene is a great way to make sure your family has beautiful memories about the very first Christmas. If you can’t find a live scene in your area, then you can re-enact the nativity story as a family.

Read the Christmas story

Read the Christmas story to your children from a child-friendly Bible storybook to teach them about the birth of Jesus and all the events that led up to the big day. As you tell these stories, you will be amazed at how little minds will get curious and want to learn more about Jesus and the bible.

Make your own advent calendar

An advent calendar is a fun tradition that will help your family count down the days to Christmas. You can enjoy watching as your little ones discover the tiny treasures that await them every day. In addition to the surprises from Santa (like chocolates, coins, and small toys), you can include bible verses in your calendar to teach your children about the Christmas story and remind them about God’s love.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world

Plan or attend a birthday party for Jesus

Attend Cornerstone’s Kid City ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ party on December 20th. If your church isn’t throwing a party, you can invite friends over or just have your family participate. Play some party games, prepare a birthday cake, and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus. Allow your children to think of ways to give Jesus a birthday gift. For example, they could write Him thank you notes or make and decorate birthday cards.

Keep a prayer box all month long

Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect about all that we’re grateful for. As we approach this big day, it’s important that we pause and give thanks for the small wonders around us. This can be done by creating a simple prayer box. Children can learn about prayer and Christmas by making their own prayer boxes to be used on Christmas day. Each member of the family should write down all the things they are grateful for and all the reasons to love Jesus. On Christmas day, you can read the prayers aloud as a family.

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