The Benefits of Choir are Truly Something to Sing About

Enrolling your child in Show Choir, Vocal Leads, or private music lessons at school is a great way to help them boost their self-esteem, learn valuable life skills, and have a great time doing it! When you combine music and education in a Christian environment, wonderful things happen. Here are just a few of the benefits of joining a choir.


Emotional Benefits

If you’ve ever sang in a choir, you’re surely no stranger to the wonderful, almost indescribable feeling that comes from singing in harmony with a group. Turns out, it’s not just a feeling – it’s science! A 2013 Time Magazine article cited various recent studies that have found that singing as part of a group may lower stress and contribute to happiness by releasing endorphins and oxytocin while lowering cortisol levels.

Music Builds Life Skills

The benefits of joining a choir go above and beyond lowering stress. Enrolling your child in one of CCA’s choir programs or classes will not only help them learn how to read and understand music – they’ll get to practice and hone their teamwork skills as they and their peers work as a group to perfect their performances. Children will also benefit from learning firsthand that hard work pays off – though some children have an innate ‘ear’ for music, practice is an important part of life for all members of a choir.

Music and Education

It should come as no surprise that music helps children succeed academically. Practicing music at a young age helps boost memorization, language skills, creativity, and the ability to identify and replicate patterns. Sparking a love for music early on in your child’s academic career can open the door for them to learn an instrument, continue on in choirs in high school and college, and sing proudly on-key in social settings and churches for the rest of their lives.

Music Brings Everyone Closer to God

One of the benefits of sending your children to a private school is that they’re encouraged to explore and nurture their relationship with God on a daily basis. Joining choir is a great way for children to discover new ways of praising Him on an individual level and as part of a group.

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