Introducing Your Children to Jesus

With so many valuable lessons and words to live by, the Bible has likely made your life more meaningful and fulfilling thanks to the teachings of Jesus Christ. But while the words of the Bible ring loudly in your mind, your children may not be aware of the power that can come from understanding and loving Christ. To help you pass along your knowledge of the Lord to your children, here are some helpful tips that will get your kids on the right path towards enlightenment and invigorate their faith and belief in God.

how to introduce chilren to Jesus

Display your faith regularly

Children often learn by example, so make an effort to visibly show your love for the Lord. Whether that’s asking God for the strength to get home safely during heavy traffic or giving thanks to the Lord for the food you are about to eat, vocalize your love of Jesus as frequently as possible.

Pick up a children’s Bible

Since we live in the era of smart phones and tablets, it has never been easier to find age appropriate religious materials. Whatever ages your children may be, you should have no problems finding a Bible that is intended for and geared towards kids. Once you find an age appropriate Bible that your children enjoy, read it with them over and over again.

Show them love and attention

This one might sound simple, but it can’t be overlooked. By simply telling your children that you love them each day and spending significant amounts of time with them, your kids will more likely take to your messages of faith. Show your children that you love them and they will no doubt discover their love for the Lord.


Bring your kids to church

While they might never stop squirming around in the pews, it is vital that you show your children what a real church service looks like at an early age. By showing your children that hundreds of adults can come together to study and bask in the teachings of Christ, your kids will understand the value and importance of faith.

Establish a routine of prayer

One of the best methods for teaching your children the power of praise is to establish a daily prayer routine. Show your kids how to thank God upon waking up, going to bed and for all the meals in between to display that Jesus is the reason for everything.

Children often mimic the actions of their parents, which is why it is so important that you show love for your kids and the Lord multiple times a day. Don’t be afraid to display your affection for Christ in front of your children, as it will likely stick with them for years to come. By teaching your children to love and accept Jesus into their hearts, you are instilling a lifetime of faith and positivity that will help them become better citizens of the world and better servants to the Lord.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Bible Apps

In the digital age, the way we access the Bible may change, but the teachings of the Bible remain the same, as does the importance of incorporating prayer into our lives on a daily basis. The rise of Bible apps has made it easier than ever to take the Bible with us wherever we go. Here are some great Bible apps and creative ways to get the most out of them:


1. CornerStone Christian Fellowship App

The CornerStone Christian Fellowship App is a great resource for members of the CornerStone Fellowship, or individuals who are simply seeking an active Christian community. This app provides the Word of the Bible, and lets you live stream sermons and see local Christian events in Las Vegas.

2. Blue Letter Bible

Like many other apps, Blue Letter Bible provides several Bible versions, languages, audio, font sizes, and word search. What makes this app a great Bible study tool is its split screen ability to compare 2 versions of the bible at once, and Hebrew Greek Lexicon. You can dive deeper into the Word with the different formats and study tools that Blue Letter Bible offers.

3. Bible Gateway

The Bible Gateway app offers a reading history of passages that helped or spoke to you in the past. You can also stay on track with reading plans, allowing you to be intentional with your readings to better understand how the Bible can continue to guide you. This app comes with a robust set of tools including an audio feature, highlighters, and the ability to share Bible passages directly to social media. Take advantage of these features to listen to the Word of God when you’re doing chores or other activities that would otherwise keep you from reading.

4. YouVersion App

The YouVersion app lets you spark dialogue with in-app friends by sharing your favorites passages and interpretations. In addition to audio Bible readings, this app also features video clips about specific passages, and provides over 800 different reading plans. There is also a separate app for kids bible study – perfect for introducing your children to the Bible!

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