Training Children to Love the Lord

For children to love the Lord, they must be able to see how loving and listening to God can help them live happier and fuller lives. One of the hardest jobs as a parent is getting younger children to understand the power and possibilities that can be achieved through loving the Lord. Keeping up with school, extracurricular activities, relatives and friends can sometimes leave little time for praising God. But the Lord’s love is all around us and it is important that kids understand the impact that God can have on their daily lives. Here are a few ways we can instill a love of the Lord in our children.

children should be trained to love the lord

Read the Bible and Pray

Reading the bible and praying are two ways of directly connecting kids with the Lord. Ask your pastor or use online tools to find bible stories that appeal to kids, like Noah’s Arc or Jesus’ birth. Kids love stories and they will savor them even more if their parents can talk with them about the morals and how they apply to real life. Kids can learn to talk to God through prayer. They can also share prayers with the family, as incorporating prayer in daily tasks can teach children to be closer to God.

Set an Example

If you spend time with your kids and show them love, they will likely learn how your habits create stability and joy in their lives. It is important for children to see their parents pray and talk about God. Additionally, going to church sets an example and establishes a routine for children to set aside time to praise the Lord with their families.

Christian Education

When teaching kids about God’s love, nothing beats a Christian education. Bible schools and faith-based education that incorporates Christian values in the curriculum immerses children in a supportive learning environment and develops a relationship with the Lord early in life. Sending your child to a private school with Christian values can give them a head start in living in the fullness of God’s love.

We all want our children to be happy, healthy and close to God. Since each child is unique with different needs to develop their relationship with the Lord, help your children seek out the path God intends for them. For more information about financial aid for private school, contact CornerStone Christian Academy & Tykes today at (702) 939-5050.

Biblical Messages Kids Need to Hear

Kids like to repeat what they hear at home and school and tend to internalize the phrases and lessons of their parents, teachers and friends. Since children are experts at regurgitating things they hear on a regular basis, we’ve come up with three important Christian messages that kids need to hear. By taking the time to repeat these vital messages, your children will be more likely to take these life lessons to heart.

important biblical messages that children should hear

The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. This rule is very important for young kids who are developing social skills. While it might take them a while to understand how their behavior impacts others, repeating this mantra can help them learn that they must treat others with kindness and respect. Make sure to bring up this phrase when it applies to your own life, so your kids can see and learn from your example.

God Loves You

It takes more than a lifetime to fully understand God’s love and you might even say that we understand God’s love more deeply as we get older. So it’s never too early for kids to start learning this simple and powerful message, as it will surely spark questions and curiosity. When kids learn there is a powerful God that loves them, they will certainly want to know more.

We Are Always Here For You

Kids that feel that they have no one to talk to can become anxious and withdrawn. They need to know that they can talk to God and their parents about anything. Tell your kids that God and your family have unconditional love for them and that message will be a source of comfort and strength when your kids feel confused or alone.

Children need repetition and routine to grow into their faith and they will latch onto the messages they hear at home and school. At CornerStone Christian Academy & Tykes, we believe that a curriculum with Christian values helps children grow into their best selves. For more information about sending your child to a private school for free, give us a call today at (702) 939-5050.

Setting and Keeping Family Goals

Juggling school, extracurricular activities, work and church is hard enough. With so many daily tasks, establishing family goals may not be high on your radar of things to do. But believe it or not, family goals are an easy and effective way to spend time together and unify the members of your household. Here are some tips for setting and keeping important family goals:

it is important to set family goals to accomplish tasks

Get the entire family to contribute ideas

If everyone in the family helps set and work toward agreed upon goals, parents can engage their children and the kids get a say in how the family runs. Everyone feels like a valuable member of a team when their input is received by everybody.

Be open and flexible

Setting goals can be intimidating if you feel like the objective of your task is to create tasks that are set in stone. Remember, goals can be as simple as creating a new house chore, eating less fast food or planning family dinner in a given week. Try starting broad and narrow the goal down. For example, if your goal is to eat less fast food, you can start with a limit of once a week and change the limit if it doesn’t work for you.

Have a visual reminder in a common gathering space

Keep visual reminders like checklists, sticker charts and posters on the fridge, bulletin board or near the family dinner table. Kids love tracking their progress by checking empty boxes or using stickers, offering the family a consistent reminder of their goals.

Set improvement and positive goals

None of us are perfect, so taking the time to improve skills like trying to be more patient or more generous can be extremely beneficial. On the other hand, it is good to balance these improvement goals with positive goals that strengthen the gifts you already have. By blending these two types of goals, you can cover more ground in a shorter period of time.

While families often seem to be going a million different directions at once, setting goals can bring everyone together under a common purpose. For more information on setting family goals or financial aid for private school, call CornerStone Christian Academy & Preschool today at (702) 939-5050.

The Importance of Honesty in the Bible

One of the most important life skills that we teach our children is the value of honesty. By reading the word of God and encouraging our children to speak honestly at home, we make family ties stronger and more rewarding. With this in mind, how can parents teach their children the importance of honesty?

it is important to teach children about honesty in the bible

Set a good example

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Prov. Ch.22:6 NIV)

It is our job as parents to be role models to our children and if we are dishonest to our spouse, neighbor or employer, our children may imitate this behavior. Tell the truth, even when it is hard and explain your reasons for doing so to your children. Honesty is the foundation for genuine interaction with others.

Explain the cost of dishonesty

“A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.” (Prov. 16:28 NIV)

Little white lies are still lies. Once your credibility is gone, what do you have left? Lying to make friends or to avoid punishment will only make things harder. By teaching your children the dangers of dishonesty, they will be more likely to act and behave honestly.

Be open to hearing the truth

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:18 NIV)

Your children may decide to lie to you for a variety of reasons, one of which may be that they are afraid you will not love them anymore if you know the truth. Curb this mistaken thinking by repeatedly reminding them that you will love them no matter what they have done and that telling the truth makes for a stronger relationship.

Believe in your children

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Heb. 11:1 NIV)

Once you have taught your kids the lesson of honesty, choose to believe what your children tell you. Show them that they have earned your trust and they will continue to tell the truth.

By being honest and having faith in our lives, we can navigate through hard times and create a sense of balance. As our children grow into adults, they will take our lessons about honesty to heart and make the world a better place. For information about financial aid for private school, please contact CornerStone Christian Academy & Tykes at (702) 939-5050.