Love & Logic Parenting 101


Parenthood is a gift from God, yet it can sometimes test our resolve. As our children grow into adults, we grow along with them, into better parents. Sometimes these growth spurts can take a toll on the relationship we have built with our child, but by using the philosophies behind Love & Logic Parenting, the cost can remain at a minimum.


Express the Love part of this method with empathy and humor. Your child should know that they can make poor choices, and your love for them will not be affected; unconditional love is the key to a healthy relationship. It’s also important to explain to them that at times, you will need their empathy for poor choices that you make as well.


Express the Logic part of this method by allowing your child to make decisions, and fail, in order to teach them how to make better decisions in the future. While it’s painful watching your child learn a lesson this way, it’s better that they fail when the consequences are still small, rather than later in life when they’re more prominent. It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach your children how you try make good decisions.

Have Faith in God, and in Your Child

As God trusts us to raise our children, so must we trust our children to learn from their mistakes, and from us. Give your children the opportunity to make the right decision the next time the same situation comes up again. Whether it’s remembering to bring home their homework, take their lunch to school, or completing a chore you asked them to do; give your children the chance to show you that they have learned the lesson you tried to teach them.

Proverbs 22:6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (NIV)

Building a strong, respectful relationship with your child takes work. By following the Love & Logic techniques of empathy, humor, and decision making, you are helping to create a person with whom you will have an everlasting, strong bond with, and whom will have a greater chance to thrive as an adult. For information about financial aid for private school, please contact CornerStone Christian Academy & Tykes at (702) 939-5050.

A Family Guide to Helping Others


The definition of a strong family bond differs from family to family. While there is no right or wrong meaning, spending quality time together is one of the main ways to strengthen the familial unit. As a family of faith, you have one more obligation. Service to others is part of the contract between you and God, and what better way to strengthen your family, and community, than to serve God through community service?

Service with a Smile

The example of quality service was set by Jesus, as a way to connect to those around us. When we think of helping others, we may have the mistaken idea that it has to be a huge deal, with a great time commitment; it doesn’t. Helping someone might be as simple as giving them a ride somewhere, buying them some milk while you are at the store, or rolling their trash cans to the curb. Family members of all ages can help others and will feel joy for having done it. Service to others is an act of love which brings us closer to God.

Share You

Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. Many times, family members will complement each other in that manner, using their own strength where the other is weak. The same goes for service- find an area in which your family is strong and provide that to others. It might be baking cookies for a fundraiser, or organizing a group to clean up the local park. Someone in your community needs your strengths right now.

We Will Eventually Need Help Too

When life throws you a curve, and it will, remember to allow others to help you. Just as you have come to enjoy being of service to others, others wish to be of service to you too. Let your spouse, children, neighbors and community aid you in your time of need. It will bring you closer together, as well as closer to God.

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How to Be a Faithful Parent


What does it mean to be a faithful parent? It means that not only do you trust in God, but you instill that trust into your children so that when life throws them a curve, they know who to turn to. This does not mean your work is finished, but it does involve coming to terms with the fact that you cannot control everything that will happen lives of your children. In fact, the older they get, the more they will realize it as well. It’s your job to explain to your children that knowing that God is there for them will give them comfort for life.

Perfection Is an Illusion

No human is perfect. Not only is perfection an illusion, it’s a waste of time. God doesn’t expect perfection from you, either as an individual or as a parent. At the end of the day, He simply wants you to live your life well and to have faith in Him. Teaching your children that perfection is unattainable, but that doing their best is the true goal, will aid in their self-esteem. Knowing that they don’t have to compete with their peers for God’s love is just another way of being a good and faithful parent.

Learn Together

We know that one of the best ways to teach our children is by setting a good example. The next time you stress about something, share it with your children and allow them to watch you lean on God for help. By doing this, you show them that you are human with your own limitations and that you need God during trying times. You can pray together in church and your children can help you to brainstorm solutions to difficult problems. The point is to show them that family and faith go hand-in-hand, so make efforts to blend these important values together.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; They are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness” (Lam.3:22-23 NIV).

For information about financial aid for private school, please contact CornerStone Christian Academy & Tykes at (702) 939-5050.