Best Apps for a Religious Education


There are apps everywhere – on phones, on tablets – and trying to monitor what’s under the thumbs of your children can be exhausting or just downright futile. So if you can’t beat them, join them. It may be more productive to provide your kids with bible study apps you deem acceptable for your children. Below are seven entertaining apps suitable to further a religious education.

  1. Bible App for Kids

    For children of all ages
    Apple, Android
    Free to download
    Walk through the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Help Noah load animals onto his arc. Visit baby Jesus in his manger. Kids can explore the stories of the Bible through all sorts of interactive adventures.

  2. Superbook Bible, Video & Games

    For children of all ages
    Apple, Android
    Free to download
    Developed by the Christian Broadcasting Network, kids can view and interact with 14 full-length episodes from the Emmy-nominated series including David and Goliath, The Ten Commandments, and The First Christmas.

  3. Bible Buddies Director’s Pass

    For children ages 4+
    Apple Only
    $2.99 to download
    Allows your child to push the limits of their creativity with the ability to create, star, and share their own animated features. A wide variety of stories from the Bible are available including: The Birth of Jesus, Noah’s Ark, David & Goliath, Jonah, and more.

  4. Guardians of Ancora

    For children ages 4+, but designed for kids 9-11
    Apple, Android
    Free to download
    An epic parkour adventure game where players run across rooftops, ship masts, and slide down zip wires, meet Jesus, and help return light to the city of Ancora.

  5. David vs. Goliath – A Righteous Tale

    For children ages 9+
    Apple, Android
    Free to download
    A well-produced and well-acted interactive story where you help David go from shepherd to hero as he slings and fights his way to face Goliath. Comes with dozens of chapters including over 100 achievements and 7 mini-games.

  6. Granny’s Bible Dojo

    For children ages 4+, but designed for kids 9-11
    Apple, Android
    Free to download
    A fast-action fun experience where players advance through various levels by selecting the books of the Bible in order.

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Encourage Gratitude by Counting Blessings with Your Kids


It can be easy to forget the many reasons we have to be grateful. Kids (and if we’re being honest, adults too!) often live in a constant state of want. As soon as one desire is satisfied, another quickly takes its place. It’s an endless cycle that can only be interrupted by gratitude. For these reasons, and many more, it’s important to take the time to count our blessings with our children to help them understand gratitude and being thankful a bit better.

Looking Around to See Our Blessings

It might seem simple to talk about reasons to be grateful. But how often do we really take time to point out everyday blessings? Sure there are the basics: food, water, and shelter. But what about your kid’s favorite food or beverage? It’s good to feel especially thankful for those things that bring us a joy. Remind your child to be grateful for being blessed with friends and a loving family. The next time you go to the park, have your child point out a favorite tree or a favorite part of the playground; these are all blessings from God!

From Talk to Action

To better help your child remember to always count blessings, you can create a blessings chart together. Dry erase boards work great for this activity, but a piece of poster board is just as effective. Create a list of five blessings that your child can feel grateful for each and every day and list them in a column on the left-hand side of your chart. Some examples include, “I have a sister” or “I learned something new today”. Allow your kid to get creative. Then, in a row along the top of your chart write each day of the week. Every time your child mentions a blessing to be thankful for, add a sticker, a magnet, or draw a happy face on the blessings chart.

Gratitude During Hard Times

There’s no question that we live in an incredibly materialistic society. However, it’s important that you emphasize to your child that there is no enduring satisfaction to be found in worldly possessions. Cultivating a love of the Lord will afford you child genuine pleasure and purpose. It is important to trust in God when times are tough and to still be grateful regardless of the hardships we face. It’s through God’s enduring love that we overcome life’s many obstacles.

When kids can actually see the reasons they should thank the Lord for, they might truly feel more grateful. If you incorporate activities that promote gratitude into kids’ daily routines, they are more likely to remember to count their blessings instead of lamenting what they don’t have.

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Three Fun DIY Projects to Try This Weekend


Las Vegas is an amazing place to raise a child, especially since you can now send your child to private school for free. However, during those Saturdays and Sundays that school isn’t in session, you can bring the whole family together with these three Christian related DIY projects that will make your children smile and help bring them closer to God. We’ve covered other bible-related arts and crafts and Christmas-specific crafts, and are excited to bring you even more ways to get some creative family time in.

Homeless Blessing Bags

Take the family down to the dollar store and pick up items such as socks, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, snacks, small bottled waters, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant, and other essentials that less fortunate people would be grateful to receive. You can then make ‘blessing bags’ (we suggest gallon size Ziploc storage bags to hold the items) together to keep in your car, and (under supervision) have your children bring them to the needy. They will never forget how much joy it will bring them to give to others generously, and you will never forget how proud having a kind and selfless child will make you.

Prayer Sticks

This is one of the best Christian projects that helps teach your kids how to pray and give thanks in a number of different ways. All you need is a jar, popsicle sticks, and a sharpie. Write down different methods of prayer that your family enjoys such as ‘read today’s gospel’ and ‘write in my prayer journal’ and whenever you need inspiration for how to give thanks on any particular day, you will have a jar full of ideas made with love.

Verse of the Week Board

For this craft, you’ll need a board and a clothespin for each member of the household, a hot glue gun, and as many colors and types of paint/glitter/buttons/feathers your heart desires! Have your little ones decorate the boards however they like, so long as they write ‘verse of the week’ somewhere on it. You can then glue the clothespins where appropriate and put a new verse on each child’s board every week (which can be hung in their rooms) for their own personal reflection and prayer whenever they see it.

You can discover even more fun family Biblical activities here! To learn more about Private Christian schools, private school in Las Vegas, or to schedule a tour of our school, contact us at 702-939-5050.