Special Programs

The academic program at CornerStone Christian Academy is both well-rounded and challenging. CornerStone students consistently score above state and national averages on standardized tests. The curriculum at CornerStone places a strong emphasis on math, grammar, and reading, because we believe that these academic subjects are building blocks that will help students succeed both now and later on in life.

Our curriculum and educational materials are carefully reviewed and prayerfully selected to ensure a healthy spiritual development and fortified academic foundation in all of our students. Along with our core curriculum, we’re proud to offer an assortment of specialty areas that contribute to our mission of nurturing and encouraging the academic and spiritual growth of the ‘whole child’.

Physical Education

Taught by a Nevada Hall of Fame inductee Coach Johnson, students in each grade level (K-8) enjoy PE classes twice per week. A special Preschool PE class is provided weekly as well. Our Physical Education curriculum stresses the importance of teamwork while fostering and encouraging the lifelong goal of staying active in all our students.


We believe that music helps the development of the whole child – improving academic performance, creativity, as well as a child’s connection to God. Students are exposed to many different composers and types of music, and special emphasis is placed on building their musical and choral performance skills. The music program produces several different concerts each year, and students of all abilities are welcome to participate.

Computer Science

Students are taught to think critically about how the latest trends in technology affect the world around them while learning about career paths in the tech industry and practical technology skills. Programming is taught at all grade levels using a fun, hands-on approach. Middle school students get to learn everything ranging from website design and photo manipulation to video game design for the iPad.


CornerStone uses the Accelerated Reading Program (AR), which allows us to accurately determine each child’s reading level so that we may help them improve. Each week, our students visit the school library to find a book of their choosing within their reading range. Each child has an innate desire to read and it’s all a matter of helping them find the right book for their reading level and interests. Once the book is opened, their mind will follow.


Students gain a solid foundational knowledge of both art history and modern art while increasing their understanding of the elements of art and the principles of design through examples, discussions, and assigned projects. Students learn to better “read” visual form and composition as they exist within a visual culture (media, film, graphic design, contemporary, and historical works of art) as they begin to develop their own visual perspectives. Students are encouraged to explore the world around them, with an emphasis on objects that aren’t at the onset viewed as art.


Bienvenidos a la clase de español! Whether your student selects the name “Maria” from Mexico or “Eduardo” from Bolivia, they’ll enjoy learning how to speak, read, and write in the Spanish language. Students who take Spanish at CCA may be eligible to earn high school credit. Students will also experience learning about the diverse cultures of 22 Spanish speaking countries. The end of the school year brings a schoolwide Cinco de Mayo celebration with delicious Mexican food and a live mariachi band!

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