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ACSI Speech Meet Results

Recently, CCA had several students participate in the ACSI Speech Meet. Here are the results:

Faith Screen- Good
Asenath Tarekegn- Good
Faris Mucharbach- Good
Jackson Prokopius- Good
Bethania Estifanos- Good
Lydia Mekonnen- Good

Skylar Rosekrans- Excellent
Dylan Grant- Excellent
Jasmine Cartright- Excellent
Carson Williams- Excellent
Kaelyn Nelson- Excellent
Shadrach Ball- Excellent
Salma Kettner- Excellent

Lillian Galvin- Superior
Jase Preza- Superior
Reina Shinohara- Superior
Mehaliye Abate- Superior
Micah Floyd- Superior
Karina Lee- Superior
Emily Stauss- Superior
Sophia Ontanillas- Superior