Welcome to CornerStone



Tykes Preschool Director

CornerStone Christian Academy was founded in 2001. Seven years later, we expanded our reach by opening CornerStone Christian Tykes Preschool. We’re proud of the fact that both the Academy and Tykes Preschool are licensed through the State of Nevada. CornerStone Christain Academy is Accredited through ACSI, while Tykes Preschool is NAEYC Accredited, making us the only Private Christian Preschool in the State of Nevada to obtain this Accreditation. Obtaining NAEYC accreditation was a voluntary undertaking through which CornerStone was blessed with the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive process of internal self-study and improvement.


Since 2001, we have experienced growth beyond what we could have ever imagined. We believe that our growth is the direct result of our continued commitment to strong academics within a community cultivated through the love of Jesus.


We place a high priority on school-related communication. We utilize text alerts, Tykes Hi-Mamas (daily logs), weekly memos, emails and social media to stay in touch with CornerStone families. There are certainly many ways to stay connected in today’s world and our goal is to strengthen our community by making ongoing communication as effortless as possible.


CornerStone has an active team of parents who make up the PTF (Parents, Teachers & Fellowship). Working together, the PTF provides a great opportunity for dedicated parents and teachers to get involved in the school community and share their time and talents while enriching the educational environment. All parents are encouraged to get involved.