Cougar Electives

One of our goals at the Academy is to provide our students with electives that are inspiring, challenging, and fun. Below you will find a few of the electives that we offer here at CornerStone. We’ll continue to add new electives to the schedule, so keep checking back here for future Cougar electives.



Students may earn High School credit by taking Spanish in grades 6-8. By spreading the curriculum over three years students have a greater opportunity to learn and practice the language. Each year, students add to their knowledge through a variety of activities. Emphasis is placed on proper pronunciation, grammar usage, and vocabulary. Students practice their skills each year during a field trip to a local restaurant where they must converse with the waiters in Spanish. In 8th grade, students are able to converse with native Spanish-speakers while volunteering at a community outreach center.


The focus of this class is to bring a student-created, professional quality worship experience to Chapels by teaching students to operate video cameras, computer-based presentation equipment, and sound equipment. Students will also create videos of Christmas and Spring performances.


Yearbook curriculum provides instruction in journalistic skills such as digital photography, photo editing, page layout, and writing. The children enjoy capturing the many aspects of achieving academic excellence in a Christian environment. Sporting events, field trips, and the Christmas programs are among the many activities the students document. A yearbook student will attend a fifty minute class once per week, and assignments may provide the opportunity to attend activities outside of the regularly scheduled class time. Teachers are encouraged to call upon the yearbook class to document the many exciting and creative activities taking place in their classes.


Students will enjoy a hands-on culinary experience in a professionally equipped kitchen. As a part of this program, they will have the opportunity to learn classical cooking methods as well as aspects of proper food preparation, nutrition, and sanitation. Students will be encouraged to explore their own style and creativity under the guidance of Chef Denise. In addition, the program includes a general education component that is designed to provide a solid academic foundation for our students’ educational growth.


Survival Skills is a survey course designed to spark an interest in the outdoors. Students will learn the basics of archery, camping, and the related skills needed in order to survive in nature. Introduction to knot tying, basic compass navigation, introduction to fire construction, shelter building, snare/deadfall construction, first aid, and handling emergency situations will all be taught in this elective. Due to the nature of the course, students will be in contact with sharp objects, fire, fire starting materials, and snares and deadfalls. There may be times when class is conducted off of the main CornerStone Christian Academy Campus.


Students will help preschool teachers prepare lesson plans and to assist during lessons, tutor students as needed, and plan and teach one Bible lesson each month. Students MUST have preschool director’s approval.


Standard Computer Science: This class focuses on basic computer skills as well as web research and word processing to prepare students for high school as well as future job skills.


Students will learn to design and program games for the iPad, which will introduce them to a variety of game formats and skills.


Students will be challenged to work with different graphic design software to create a mini portfolio to experience the different areas of the graphic design industry including photo manipulation and a website.


From developing a story to making a final project, the students will work as a team to produce a little animated short using industry standard software.


Students with interesting leading worship in chapel will work on programming worship sets, work out vocal and/or instrumental parts, and overall chapel planning.


Students will create scripts, report school news, host interviews, and record and edit news broadcasts to show during Chapel.


Students will learn how to crochet and make items for family, friends, and charities.


This curriculum is based on the teachings of Dave Ramsey, an American financial author, radio host, tv personality, and motivational speaker, along with his daughter, Rachel Cruze, a nationally renown speaker to youth conferences, high schools, and colleges. Through to use of videos and a workbook text students will explore the following topics: Savings & Investing, Credit & Debt, and Financial Responsibility & Money Management

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