Middle School Electives

One of our goals at the Academy is to provide our students with electives that are inspiring, challenging, and fun. Below you will find a few of the electives that we offer here at CornerStone. We’ll continue to add new electives to the schedule, so keep checking back here for future Cougar electives.



This course is an exploratory skill-based, visual art course that introduces students to a variety of media, skills and tools. Students will also learn about art history and the value of art in various cultures. Students will gain skills and understanding and valuing their own art and the art of others.


Music Ensemble

Students will learn music theory, song writing and composition, vocal instruction, explore a variety of musical instruments and learn about many famous composers.


Yearbook/ Photography

Student’s will produce the schools yearbook using Adobe Photoshop and other computer software. Students will be instructed in photography techniques, layout, digital photo retouching, and collaborative team methods. There will also be some journalism aspects of students document school events during the year.



This course will focus on ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. You will learn proper dance techniques such as isolation of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolation, across the floor progressions, and combinations.



This course is to prepare students to audition with confidence and improve their skills as an actor. Students will work through characterization, improv, acting technique’s, voice projection, stage presence and poise. Students will engage in the intricacies of blocking and production traffic.


Math Fundamentals

A course designed as an intervention to provide support and remediation of math concepts and skills. Homework assistance will be available.



This course will explore the exciting field of robotics. This program focuses on applied inquiry, motivated design, communications, technology, scanning, mapping and more. Students will be able to experience the hands-on program while progressing through activities designed to teach programming, behaviors, systems, control sensors, and feedback.


S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

This course focuses on the components of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math and how they interact to create larger projects. Students will learn the engineering design process and complete STEAM challenges.


Study Hall

This course allow students extra time during the school day to work on homework, projects, reading and other assignments given by teachers. It is a structured time to get homework completed and free up after school activity time.


Student Council Leadership

Elected executive and representative board only. This course is designed to equip students to become leaders within our school community as part of a democratic team. Students enrolled in this course will learn team building and communication skills, group and peer leadership practices, problem-solving, and time management. Students become proficient in the areas of business affairs, financial planning, and event planning.


Culinary Arts

Students will enjoy a hands-on culinary experience in a professionally equipped kitchen. As a part of this program, they will have the opportunity to learn classical cooking methods as well as aspects of proper food preparation, nutrition, and sanitation. Students will be encouraged to explore their own style and creativity under the guidance of Chef Denise. In addition, the program includes a general education component that is designed to provide a solid academic foundation for our students’ educational growth.


Preschool Aide

Students will help preschool teachers prepare lesson plans and to assist during lessons, tutor students as needed, and plan and teach one Bible lesson each month. Students MUST have preschool director’s approval.


Computer Classes for 5th-8th grade

Standard Computer Science: This class focuses on basic computer skills as well as web research and word processing to prepare students for high school as well as future job skills.


3D Animation

From developing a story to making a final project, the students will work as a team to produce a little animated short using industry standard software.


Broadcast News

Students will create scripts, report school news, host interviews, and record and edit news broadcasts to show during Chapel.


Library Aide

Duties may include but are not limited to the following: collecting returned books, check in, bulletin board design, book delivery, reading to younger students and help where needed.

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