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Grades 6-8, students move to the study of selected classic novels, which continues to be relevant to today’s students.  The writing traits of: evidence, organization, purpose, elaboration, development, and conventions are extended and refined. All grades introduce many cross-curricular ties to science, social studies, the arts, and sports.


Anchor texts and paired texts are a balance of literary and informational texts.


Math: students will test in to either a grade level or honors math class. Differentiated instruction offered when student displays the ability to excel.


Health (Family Life) will be required for all 8th grade students.


Physical Eduction or Dance Option (6th-8th Grade).




What is it?

Cougarville is a micro-society on our campus at the end of every 9 week quarter. Our 4th-8th grade students have the opportunity to create a business, including earning a Cougar Business License. Students then prepare for and sell their product/idea such as: food, treats, games, toys and more. 


Customer Base 

Academy students (1st-8th), parents and teachers are patrons of Cougarville. 


Cougar Cash

Students use Cougar Cash, an incentive the students earn for good behavior, to spend at Cougarville as they with. 



This wonderful experience is engaging for staff, students and parents which allows our students an opportunity to meet educational standards while getting real life experience during a fun way to introduce economics.


Middle School Athletics (4th-8th)

All students (4th-8th grades) have the opportunity to try-out for all sports offered regardless of athletic ability.  Students gain confidence, skill and knowledge while gaining an understanding of team building and cooperation.  The sports we offer include soccer, flag football, basketball, swim, track and field, volleyball and archery. We rely heavily on Parent Volunteers. 


Student Outreach  (5th-8th)

Middle School students are required to participate in two school planned service projects per school year earning them service hours.


National Junior Honor Society (NJHS):

NJHS instills a higher level of accountability and opportunity for leadership t CCA.  This program is available for 7th & 8th grade students who have a 3.5 GPA or higher. Students MUST meet the requirements of service, leadership skills, character & citizenship to be considered..


Student Council (5th-8th)

Educational Leadership is a mentor program where students learn the aspects of leadership through the student body. Students learn that they can be a voice for others, and serve to make improvements for their school, student population, and the community.


Weekly Chapel Service

Devotion to our Lord is an integral part of our school. Students attend a weekly Chapel service and Grade Level Christian Education Classes.


Year End 3 Day Disney Trip for all 8th grade students


Middle School Electives (6th-8th)

Students can explore a host of interests at CCA from computer programming, Robotics, Culinary arts, dancing, drama, video production to name a few.

Middle School Highlights


  • Advanced curriculum with high academic standards; students consistently surpass all state and national averages on standardized tests.
  • CornerStone graduates are consistently accepted to the top private and magnet schools in Las Vegas such as Bishop Gorman, Faith Lutheran and all valley technical academies.
  • ACSI Speech Meet
  • Krypto Club (a fun engaging game where students use their math skills to create target numbers)
  • Accelerated Reading Program utilized in 1-8th grades.
  • Sports in our athletic conference include Volleyball, Archery, Flag Football, Basketball, Swim, and Soccer.
  • Music program produces outstanding Christmas program designed specifically for K, 1 & 2, 3 & 4 and middle school 5-8.  Our program develops and cultivates the choral and theatrical talents displayed in our student body.
  • After school activities include our performing arts program, CPAA. Students can enroll beginning in dance for Preschool students and participate in disciplines such as dance, drama, voice, choir or private lessons in guitar, percussion, or piano.
  • Implementation of technology such 1-to-1 Pads for middle school students, allowing them an interactive, collaborative experience between the text, student, and teacher.
  • IXL Educational Program offers personalize skill recommendations based on what each student has been practicing, so they can grow from where they are.offers personalized skill recommendations based on what each student has been practicing, so they can grow from where they are.

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